reviews, [email protected] reviews.

Today I came across this site for evaluation. Let’s wait for feedback. Talked with a person who answers the mail listed on the site, his words sound very convincing, in addition the site has a version on the TOR network http://r7lscyg5lncab4gm77ldshetqoutj3btq53aw44ixnz3iinc3oaz7qqd.onion

Update: Reviews have clearly made it clear that the site has no questions, honestly fulfills its obligations.

3 ответа на “ reviews, [email protected] reviews.”

  1. The site works honestly!!! You can see that the real site, not a school project on computer science!!! Ordered and got what I ordered, what else can I add?

  2. Made an order for 12.000 dollars, the parcel with the poison came well packaged (I will not write exactly how not to put the seller at risk) The victim simply died, even the doctors immediately said that death was natural. It is better to overpay this seller and sleep well than to buy something you do not understand and then sit.

  3. Ordered a painless death from this seller. The victim died successfully (just in case I told the seller that I was buying for myself) At the autopsy they did not find anything, although I am sure that in our country they know how to look. Of course it is very expensive, many can not afford it, but it is much safer than hiring a killer, and the chances that they catch equal to 0.

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